Amber Connect telematics will provide you with the data and business intelligence you need to stand out, boost sales, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue. Use our solution to better manage demo vehicles, or as a tool to increase customer retention and identify up selling opportunities.

Discover our range of benefits for

Your Business

Excel in customer service and customer retention: telematics will provide your dealership with real-time data of the car’s mileage and upcoming maintenance.

  • Proactively call your clients even before they know their service is due and send them in-app notifications with their service reminders.
  • Custom marketing and promotions push notifications.
  • Enable customers to reserve their service appointments directly from the app.
  • App White label option with the dealership’s own app and logo.
  • Collect data to upsell aftermarket solutions and offer new products.
  • Increase margins from every sale and installation of the tracking device.
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Your Customers

We implement a technology breakthrough into a connected car experience. Live Tracking (transmits data from 2 second intervals). Real time notifications include driver behavior, ignition on/off, anti-theft, vehicle collision and more.

  • Car safety - Remote engine shutdown Amber Shield - automatic engine shutdown under threat.
  • Trip history and classification (business & personal) for reports and reimbursement.
  • Receive insurance, driver license and car documents' expiration reminders.
  • +20 more useful features.
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Your Fleet

Manage your demo vehicles with real time tracking. Know which ones are on location at your business and which are on the move with a simple click.

  • Real-time alerts and extensive reporting will help you to reduce operational costs and promote better driving behavior.
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Your Own Fleet Technology Differentiator

With an extremely fast one-second refresh, you’re provided with true live tracking. Our global SIM cards also allow you to roam with your vehicle anywhere in 140 countries.

  • Best-in-class consumer facing U.I. dashboard mimics the vehicle's live instrument readings. You also have intuitive transitions between a range of features.
  • Miniaturization of hardware allows speedy and easy installation with security of placement, with anti-jamming detection.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, you can detect multiple security threats such as (anti-theft, ignition, towing, and device tampering) and automatically shut down the engine. When a threat is detected, a loud siren notification goes off through the application in real time.
  • Generate temporary location sharing via a web link and send it to friends and family allowing them to track your vehicle in real time until you have arrived at your destination safely.
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