Our modern GPS trackers have very high sensitive G-sensors combined with real time high volume data updates to the servers. Using smart algorithms, the GPS and Sensor data allows us to provide exact information of potholes and road surface roughness.

Road Surface Detection

A new way of assessing road quality

Constant road surface monitoring is important to provide relevant data to our drivers. The key to road condition monitoring is to detect road potholes and bumps, which may affect the driving comfort and transport safety. We collect data which is then visualized on business intelligence dashboards with GIS mapping.

How Road Surface Detection helps


Easily get potholes data by GPS location for every road.

Vehicle trackers can keep collecting pothole impact data from its built in sensors and produce this data for road works assessment to the relevant agencies for road repairs.
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Speed Bumps

Keeping track of the speed bumps across the country.

GPS trackers will be able to give exact information of any unauthorized speed bumps created or broken down from its designation locations.
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Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces can be detected by smart sensors providing intelligence for road works.