GSM networks have not been able to fully establish the exact network strength by GPS points across the country. Many mobile networks still do not fully share their network coverage data accurately which makes it difficult for the regulators to manage the quality of service expected by consumers.

Mobile Network Coverage Detection

making signal strength assessment possible

Mobile network coverage detection is a unique way of utilizing GPS trackers to get the exact GSM strength injunction with the GPS points collected from across the country.

Signal Strength

Using GPS technology with embedded GSM, signal strength can be measured by location.

Amber Connect’s Business Intelligence dashboards then populate all this data and displays network strengths across the country at street level on GIS maps. It helps networks and regulatory bodies to determine where to improve the services.
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No GSM remains a major issue for many network providers.

Constant mapping of GSM coverage also provides the GSM operators and regulatory bodies to continuously detect service levels including new service interruptions.
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Call Drop

Call drop is a significant problem and detection of these patterns have high value

to both the networks and regulatory bodies. Our signal pattern recognition algorithms can detect the sudden call drops and create GPS hotspots for such incidents.
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