Manage your rental vehicle or fleet on the go and make informed decisions from your management dashboard with a few simple clicks.

Benefits for your

Fleet rental business

  • Asset Protection
  • Preemptive maintenance, crash detection and investigation
  • Create driver based rewards platform
  • Retain better vehicle resale value
  • Reduce operational expenses

Benefits To Your Business

Optimal Usage Of Assets

Ensure that users use the leased/ rented cars optimally, incentivise their driving and usage of vehicle and get notified immediately on accidents.

Recovery Assistance

Users can raise an alarm and connect to our recovery platform with the SOS button on the user app.

Efficient Trip Economics

Ensure each trip gets recorded with accurate calculation of fuel consumption, mileage, driver behaviour being recorded per trip.

Accident Reporting

Users can now record accidents by taking pictures, recording road quality, third party details, witness details and defining visibility at the time of the accident. Users can then generate a PDF/DOC immediately documenting the incident which can then be emailed to the parties concerned.

Driver Scoring
Gamifying The User Experience

The diver scoring interface gives the user a clear perspective on his or her driving. This gamified interface can then be further used to incentivise better and safe usage of the car rental fleet.