With our Boat Tracking Devices, your water vessels are in safe hands. Using our Amber Shield AI technology, you’ll be immediately notified if anyone or anything tampers with your vessel and you’ll be able to track and immobilise the engine and more using a few clicks.


One Sec Refresh Live Tracking

A.I based Theft Prevention

Customizable Real Time Alerts & Notifications

Trip History with Trip Logs

Dashboard with Analytics

Manage Multiple Vehicles



Service Reminder

Manage Fuel Expenses

Manage Service Expenses

Automated Health Check and Reporting

Document Expiry Reminders

Intuitive And User Friendly UI/UX

Web Portal & App

Set Speed Limits

Live Chat Support 24x7


Amber Connect App

The Amber Connect App truly gives you a safer, smarter and a better connected car experience like never before from any mobile device.