Dear Friends,

The anniversary of a company is always a momentous occasion. Not only as a commemoration or a celebration, but also a time to reflect on the company’s achievements and learnings as it arrives at this milestone.

Amber Connect, in just three years, has shown exceptional strength and innovation for a fledgling company. We have demonstrated our ability to inspire, adapt and spread our wings to share our revolutionary products as a truly global enterprise.

Key highlights of our journey:

  • 1) To date users in 22 countries globally, engage with our app on an average of 14.1 times a week with an average session length of 2.17 minutes. This tells us that our customers love the Amber Connect experience.
  • 2) Expanded our footprint to new territories such as Africa, Latin America, Russia and India, some of the largest markets in the world.
  • 3) Launched in the US market through a strategic partnership with Best Buy Inc.
  • 4) Our devices clocked over 250 million miles of safety and security of our clients on the road globally and prevented nearly 25,000 theft attempts.
  • 5) We launched our insurance telematics platform for insurers to reward and lower premiums for their clients through our proprietary driver scoring module.
  • 6) We launched our car dealership telematics platform which allows car dealers to manage the vehicle service of their clients proactively.
  • 7) Implemented some state-of-the-art enhancements to our fleet management solution with a host of new revolutionary features and functionalities including the driver mobile application.
  • 8) We added 8 new device types in to our range which include ultrasonic fuel sensors, driver ID tags, video telematics with Advanced Drives Assisted Systems (ADAS). We even added an OBDII (on-board diagnostic II) device with Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • 9) We also ensured we became General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant adhering to the European data protection laws and as a symbol of our commitment to protecting consumer data.

I also want to thank our employees, partners and investors, ICD Group who have been instrumental in our continued success. All this success is also due greatly to the unprecedented trust and support we have received from our loyal customers globally. Our goal from the outset was based on the strong humanitarian principles of ensuring we contribute to improving society and the quality of life of people. We remain committed to this vision and assure you that we will work even harder to make a difference!

Thank you for believing in us. Happy 3rd Birthday Amber Connect!

Yours truly,

Dushyant Savadia

(Founder & CEO)

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness made a scheduled visit to our Namibia offices in Windhoek during his Southern African tour to promote the CARICOM mandate during the annual BRICS summit held in Sandton, Johannesburg from the 25-27th of July 2018.

During his visit, the PM expressed his great satisfaction in our Namibian operations. “It is Jamaican companies like Amber Connect that have the vision to expand into new developing territories and to establish a successful business there, and in so doing bolster the local economies with our proudly Jamaican products. This at the same time creates job opportunities and the employment ecosystem grows. This is the spirit that CARICOM envisages and Amber Connect is a shining example of what can be achieved,’’ the Prime Minister said. He commended our executive leadership and made special mention of Chairman, Joseph Matalon and CEO & Founder, Dushyant Savadia for their insight and passion in bolstering trade in these developing markets with integrated partnerships and thereby promoting the Jamaican nation far and wide.

We presented the Prime Minister with a pure wool Karakul carpet depicting the famous Namibian dune landscape. He was also presented with one of our state of the art vehicle telematics devices. In a very short period of time, our Namibian team has made considerable inroads into the logistics and insurance industries where Amber provides innovative tools to automate processes.

Commenting on Amber Connect’s expansion into Namibia and South Africa, Dushyant Savadia, Founder and CEO noted, “Amber Connect recognizes the importance of cross-border capability to support trade in Southern Africa and to this end leverages its global telecoms partnerships to eliminate roaming costs for fleets that ply these routes.”

We’ve partnered with North America’s biggest consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy Co. Inc and this strategic partnership will see the Amber Connect brand launched in the US market.

Best Buy will carry two of our bestselling telematics products, offering consumers the opportunity to monitor and manage their vehicles at affordable costs using our sophisticated technology.
According to our founder and CEO Dushyant Savadia, “Best Buy is a truly iconic American brand and is well known for providing their consumers with the most up to date technology available. To be aligned with Best Buy is not only an honor but also a clear representation of the high level of technology innovation Amber Connect has achieved in such a short period.’’

Our chairman, Joseph M. Matalon also commented on the US launch, “I am very pleased with the Company’s performance over the last 24 months. Since the beginning of 2018 alone, we have seen exceptional growth in the brand, including successful product launches in South Africa, Namibia, India and Russia. Launching in United States through Best Buy is another significant milestone, and we look forward to serving some of the most discerning customers in a way that adds economic value and peace of mind to their lives.”

The Amber US Launch has been in developed in conjunction with the Bluebird Group (, a distinctive retail services company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bluebird has worked with Amber for over two years to establish a go-to market strategy for Amber retail products in the United States. Their deep understanding of all the various retail channels, strategies, and market pitfalls have helped maneuver Amber Connect to a successful launch of their retail product lineup.

Mike Guild, Vice President of Sales for Bluebird shared, “Best Buy immediately saw the value in Amber. The clean product design and superior app user interface set Amber apart from all others. And the integration of app-enabled location tracking, car telematics and other features found in the world’s most premium car lines aligns perfectly with Best Buy’s strategy of offering customers premium accessories at an affordable price.”

The descriptions of the devices which will be available at Best Buy are detailed below: AMB 365G is an easily installed device that provides a full range of telematics services, including real time tracking, trip reports, expense management and a host of other functionalities. Particularly popular is the Amber Shield feature which uses artificial intelligence to protect the vehicle from tampering or theft whether parking for a few hours or overnight. Installation services will be available to consumers from Best Buy’s affiliate, The Geek Squad.

The AMB 362 unit, with its powerful LI-Ion battery is the perfect tracking device for any situation; it requires no installation and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle without sacrificing any of its wide range of reporting features.

With approximately 980,000 cars stolen in the US alone in 2017, the launch of these two Amber Connect devices will empower Americans to not only protect their vehicles and assets but give them the peace of mind that they have the ability to personally track their vehicles 24/7.

This will be our first foray into the massive United States market and it is anticipated that this venture will bring great success for our proud Jamaican company.

The Amber Connect 365G and Amber Connect 362 units are now available on

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